We are an authorised MOT testing station, we MOT class 4 vehicles from cars, quad bikes and light commercials up to 3.5 ton.

The MOT is designed to make sure vehicles on the road are of a safe standard.

The MOT takes approximately 1 hour to complete, these are items that we check.

Interior Checks

Seats and seat belts
Warning lamps
Switches (Position lamp, headlamp, hazards)
View to front, wipers & washers
Brake controls. servo operation
Steering wheel & column
Doors, mirrors, horn
Speedometer, driver controls (Class 5 only)

Exterior Checks

Registration Plates
Lamps, registration plate lamps
Indicator, hazards
Headlamps & aim
Stop lamps, fog lamps, reflectors
Wheels, tyres
Shock absorbers
Mirrors, wiper blades, fuel tank cap
Glazing (Class 5 only)
Doors, boot lid, loading doors, bonnet
General condition of body

Under Bonnet Checks

Vehicle Structure
Braking Systems
Exhaust systems, fuel system
Speed limiter (if applicable)
Steering & power steering components

Under Vehicle Checks

Steering including power steering
Drive Shafts (if applicable)
Suspension, shock absorbers
Wheel bearings
Wheels and tyres
Brake systems & mechanical components
Exhaust system
Fuel system & fuel tank
Structure, general vehicle condition