Vehicle Air Conditioning

We offer service and repairs to  Air Conditioning syetems on cars and lihgt vans, From diagnosing an innoperative A/C system to a routine service.
Our Air conditing service includes recovery of your cars old refridgerant, a vacume test of the system to check for leaks, PAG oil to maintian correct operation of the componts and Ultra Violet dye to aid the diagnosis of any future leaks, system fill of refridgerant and function test with printout. 

We recomend you have your Air Conditioning system serviced every 2 years and try to use the A/C at least a couple of times a week even through winter. In lots of cases not usung the A/C for months over a winter can allow the seals to dry out and allow your refridgerant to escape leaving you hot and flustered come spring time. 

We currently are only able to work on vehicles using refridgerant R134a